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SPACING OUT: Eat, Grok, & Be Nerdy!

December 30, 2010


Greetings all!  I know, I know.  I fail at blogging.  But the status of the Grok Project has not changed.  Expect to see sporadic posting … when you least expect it! In the meantime, some of you may be able to experience The Grok Project LIVE!  It’s another party at Arisia!  Last year’s was so […]

Cartesian Divers

January 20, 2010


This post is for everyone who might want to play with Cartesian divers, but especially for the Fast Track kids from Arisia 2010.  For a hands-on science session this year, I showed some of the kids how to make Cartesian divers, but the materials we used made it difficult to do it with so many […]

Arisia Report

January 18, 2010


I am home from Arisia!  It was great, but exhausting.  This is the first year I did any panels and I had two of the them the same day as the Grok Party. The Grok Party was much fun!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!  And a very special thanks to my friends Polina […]

Grok Party at Arisia!

January 13, 2010


Although it’s been difficult to gain momentum so far, I have to say that I’m loving The Grok Project and I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped me with it.  I think it’s time to celebrate.  You’re invited to a Grok Party at Arisia 2010! WHAT: Good food, good company, and geeky amusements. WHEN: […]

Arisia 2010

January 8, 2010


This weekend is my fraternity’s (Kappa Gamma Psi) national convention, which has me busy and frantic.  I happen to be one of the current executive officers. But next weekend is the annual science fiction convention I attend: Arisia!  It will soon also have me busy and frantic, though probably less so, because I am a […]