Beef Tongue

January 29, 2010


Back when I was on that paleolithic diet, someone asked if I would also try eating some organ meat.  I said yes.  A coworker of mine, Pascale Pigeon, happened to be cooking beef tongue and was thoughtful enough to save some for me.  And then it stayed in my freezer for over a month.  But […]

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Nerd Fun Boston at the EVA Lab

January 28, 2010


I’d like to introduce those of you who live in the Boston area to the best group ever: Nerd Fun – Boston.  This group gets together for all kinds of nerdy fun in the area.  Earlier this evening, I joined them for a tour of the Extra-Vehicular Activity research facilities at MIT’s Man Vehicle […]

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January 27, 2010


The Grok Project Store (on is now populated with swag.  Check it out! I don’t mark up the prices at all.  It’s just for fun and to promote the blog. Thanks for reading!

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On “Becoming Human” – Part 1

January 26, 2010


Part three of the Throwing Spear Saga is still coming.  I promise.  But … on Sunday I watched part one of the Nova documentary “Becoming Human“.  Part one was entitled “First Steps” and it seems to tie very neatly into my own speculations from the Ancient Computing Revolution post. The main question that “First Steps” […]

Cartesian Divers

January 20, 2010


This post is for everyone who might want to play with Cartesian divers, but especially for the Fast Track kids from Arisia 2010.  For a hands-on science session this year, I showed some of the kids how to make Cartesian divers, but the materials we used made it difficult to do it with so many […]

Vote in Massachusetts!

January 19, 2010


I was going to write some quick additional thoughts about my last post, but then I remembered … I have to go vote!  And if you are a Massachusetts resident eligible to vote, so do you! That’s right: We’re having a REAL SENATORIAL ELECTION.  This is not a drill!  Go vote.  Polls close at 8PM. […]

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Ancient Computing Revolution

January 18, 2010


NOTE: Don’t let the title fool you.  This is a post about the nature of humanity. Humans have built computing machinery for thousands of years, but in the 1800s an incredible transition began: programmability.  Born for the purpose of more flexibly automating looms, the technology of machines that can execute arbitrary lists of instructions was […]