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Making Rotarium

September 7, 2010


Making Rotarium wasn’t easy because I’d never done anything like it before.  I made it with a free software package called Blender.  It has the kind of user interface that baffles and overwhelms until something clicks in the user’s mind.  Then it all makes sense. I could try to tell you all about how to […]


August 29, 2010


Despite Paul Simon’s strenuous objections, Eastman Kodak discontinued production of its famous Kodachrome color film last year.  The decline of older films like Kodachrome is due, in large part, to the widespread adoption of digital photography.  As I learn the fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering, I hope to take frequent breaks to examine how […]

Water Printer

August 19, 2010


Andy Dolph, my new entertainment technology correspondent, alerted me to the existence of a spectacular piece of entertainment technology!  Ferret that I am, I am more aware than most of the various shiny, flashy, color-y, fountain-y attractions that are out there.  This I didn’t know about until now.  My first thought was, “I can’t believe […]

MIT OpenCourseWare

August 18, 2010


I’d like to direct your attention to a truly praiseworthy endeavor: MIT OpenCourseWare!  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken a vast portion of their course content and published it on the internet for you to use completely free of charge.  Aside from some particular materials included under special licenses or fair use rules, the […]


August 14, 2010


Here’s my video!  It’s far from flawless, but I’ve decided to stick a fork in it.  Thank you to all who gave me some excellent constructive criticism.  I’ll be sure to apply it to my next video! Alright, let’s talk about toilets… … and tornadoes.  My dad, Stanley Schleifer, happens to be the chair of […]

King Under the Mountain

August 10, 2010


I have returned! I was abruptly derailed by life complications and it’s taken me some time to work myself up to posting again.  But I figure I’ll start posting as often as I can and go from there. In the interim, I’ve had some time to think about The Grok Project and how to improve […]