King Under the Mountain

Posted on August 10, 2010


I have returned!

I was abruptly derailed by life complications and it’s taken me some time to work myself up to posting again.  But I figure I’ll start posting as often as I can and go from there. In the interim, I’ve had some time to think about The Grok Project and how to improve it.  I originally set out to share my passion for a particular way of understanding the world.  But in the details of implementation, I sought to eliminate one of the key components.  Namely, that I bounce and bound like an ecstatic ferret to whichever doohickey appears most shiny today and obsess upon it until it is grokked.  Who knew that part was important?

But it is – only because that’s how my brain works.  I see it as both a strength and a weakness.  It means I have a breadth and depth of understanding I might not otherwise have.  But it also means I often fail to follow through with things.  I had hoped The Grok Project would help cure my waywardness – and it may yet make a dent in it – but I realize now that I also need to meet myself halfway.  In the time since I stopped posting, I’ve studied and experienced numerous things that really belong in this blog.  I pursued these things because I happened to be interested in them at the time, not because they were next on the agenda.

For instance, I was inspired by a recent event (about which I will blog later) to begin creating a short 3D animated video to help people understand something about the physics of rotating environments.  The making of the video itself was a project the likes of which I had not attempted before, so I now have not only a video perfect for The Grok Project, but also a story to tell about 3D animation and video editing.  And that would segue nicely into a discussion of the mathematics underlying 3D computer graphics.  None of this has anything to do with the paleolithic era (where I am officially mired), but I’m excited about it right now.

I’m going to try operating that way for a while, so I’ll always be working on something my heart is in while I’m working on it.  I’ll follow my nose through science, technology, and their history.  As I do so, I hope, my initial notion of a chronological narrative will begin to emerge.  So now I’ll keep three reference pages listed under “The Plan and Progress So Far“:

  1. Post Index – A running history of this blog, with links to key posts.
  2. Historical Index – A continually expanded and refined outline of the history of science and technology with links to relevant blog posts.
  3. Topical Index – A list of various topics covered in The Grok Project with links to relevant blog posts.

Of course, I will make a point of returning to the topics I left dangling before my absence.  If you were eagerly awaiting the continuations of those topics, fear not.  They will return before too long.

To make this a better blog, I’d also like to more actively seek out guest authors and even have some regular “correspondents”.  There are some aspects of writing a successful blog that I’m not very consistent about.  Additional contributors could help to fill in those gaps.  I’m thrilled to announce and thank my four new correspondents:

I also hope that with more authors, this can take on a more discussion-like feel – with different authors writing about the same or similar topics from different perpectives. If you’re interesting in writing a guest post for The Grok Project about a science / technology topic that really excites you, or if you’d like to cross-post your own related blog entries here, please send me an email at

That is all for now.  Thank you for reading again!

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