Phonograph Materials

Posted on February 9, 2010


In trying to gather up the materials I’ll need to build my phonograph, I have come to the conclusion that I’m way more likely to end up with a working phonograph if I follow these instructions:  That means I’ll be trying for a tinfoil (or something similar) cylinder, not a wax one.

Things I’ll need that I already have:

  • Tuna can for sound chamber
  • Hard plastic for diaphragm (I’ll try a CD case as suggested in the addendum.)
  • Cardboard (It is a special thrill whenever a use for cardboard presents itself.)
  • Thumb tacks (I’m going to try using one of these as the needle.)
  • Heavy aluminum foil (Although I’m going to try to use the aluminum foil duct tape recommended in the addendum.)
  • Duct tape

Things I think I can get from other people:

  • Manila file folder (I think I can get an old one at work.)
  • Wire hanger (I believe my roommate is looking to get rid of some.)

Things I can get at hardware store(s):

  • Plywood and pine
  • Screws, nuts, & washers (I may very well have what I need, but I have it randomly distributed in plastic bags hidden in dark recesses of boxes I’ve moved with several times without opening.  Let this be a lesson to me!)
  • Sheet metal
  • Drawer knobs
  • Wood glue & epoxy
  • Aluminum foil duct tape

Things I can get at a craft store:

  • Felt

Things I probably have to order:

  • 1/4″ pre-threaded stock shaft

Tools I’ll need that I already have:

  • Screw driver(s)
  • Can opener (for the tuna)
  • Scissors (for the cardboard, felt, & foil/tape)

Tools I want to buy:

  • Drill (I can probably borrow use of a drill press, but given the things I plan to do, it’s worth owning one.)
  • Hand saw (Once again, I can borrow use of something fancy, but I should have one handy too.)

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