Beef Tongue

Posted on January 29, 2010


Back when I was on that paleolithic diet, someone asked if I would also try eating some organ meat.  I said yes.  A coworker of mine, Pascale Pigeon, happened to be cooking beef tongue and was thoughtful enough to save some for me.  And then it stayed in my freezer for over a month.  But today I finally ate it!  Thankfully, it escaped the fate of freezer burn.

Here are some photos for you…

Pascale sent me this image of the tongue before cooking to provide a sense of scale.


Ready to eat! It came with lentils and Pascale said it would taste best with mustard.

And here’s the recipe that Pascale used:

It was delicious!  I admit I was a little freaked out about eating tongue, but it wasn’t all that different from any other meat.  It had a distinctive texture and flavor, but at least in this preparation, it was surprisingly tender.  Thank you Pascale!

And, of course, thank you for reading.

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