Arisia Report

Posted on January 18, 2010


I am home from Arisia!  It was great, but exhausting.  This is the first year I did any panels and I had two of the them the same day as the Grok Party.

The Grok Party was much fun!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!  And a very special thanks to my friends Polina and Jay who helped out tremendously.  I’d especially like to thank Polina for lots of driving, cleaning, help with shopping, and mad libs.

For the hands-on science, I ended up helping the kids to make Cartesian divers.  About half of the kids got one working, largely due to a poor choice of materials on my part, but most of them seemed to have fun anyway.  I’ll try to post instructions on how to make them at home soon and get the link out the parents/guardians of the Arisia kids.

My other two panels were “Sports for Geeks” and “Destination Moon at 60”.  Both were interesting and enjoyable.

To those who have never been to Arisia, I assure it is well worth it!  There is so much going on there and the people are wonderful.  If you have any geeky tendencies, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it thoroughly.  The registration price goes up throughout the year, so if you want to go, it’s best to register early.

Right now, Arisia rages on, but I rage toward my bed.  An affectionate sort of rage.

Grokking shall continue tomorrow.  Thank you for reading!

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