Miscellaneous Update

Posted on November 15, 2009



I had a good weekend.  🙂


Photo by Stanley Schleifer, courtesy of John A. Pawloski

But, once again, the full report will not be immediate.  I have to admit, this month is proving to be overwhelming.  There’s a lot going on in addition to my first month of Grok Project.  But I foresee getting the hang of the project (insomuch as that is possible) and getting my life to settle down in the coming month.  So I’ll not panic.  I’ll not panic.  I’ll not panic…

Thanks to a comment by JeffR, I’ve added an “Email Subscription” widget to my blog.  You can use it to sign up to receive Grok Project posts as emails.  Check out the link on the right side of the site.

I’ve also added a link to my Twitter account.  I’ll be using it pretty much exclusively for posting links to new Grok Project posts.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter.

You can also add the Grok Project feed to your LiveJournal Account.

And, as before, you can use the link on the right to become a fan on Facebook.

Coming up are the report on Saturday’s flintknapping lesson and the long overdue discussion of what the paleolithic era actually is.

Thank you for reading!

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