A Good Day

Posted on November 7, 2009


Today’s expedition was a lot of fun.  It was not without some disappointment, but I’ll talk about that later.  The important part is that I learned a lot and had a great time.  Thank you again to Alex and Tim!

I have a lot of information to process now and a lot to talk about, but I’m not prepared to make a full report tonight.  I’m aiming for tomorrow.

For tonight, I’ll just take a moment to thank Gwen Kelly, an old friend of mine and an archeology student who has agreed to help me make sense of the paleolithic era.  I knew I had a lot of very smart and talented friends and family members, but they just keep surprising me (in a good way).  At some point soon, I’d like to devote a post to explaining just how great they all are.

Thanks for reading!

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