Paper Mill Hill

Posted on November 6, 2009


Can anyone tell me where Paper Mill Hill in Peabody, MA is, specifically?  Is it on someone’s private property?  According to it seems there is some chert (flint) to be found there.  The first challenge of making stone tools is to find the right rocks to work with!  If I can’t find a natural flint deposit, then I can try store-bought obsidian.  I think the man who’ll be helping me with flintknapping might have some flint to spare too.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow I’ll be harvesting dogbane and learning to make rope / cord from it!  I’m very excited.  I may also get some help with some other things tomorrow as well.  I will, obviously, let you know how it goes.

I’m not going to post much today, but I’ll let you know about a few of the topics I hope to post about soon (in no particular order):

  • Overview of the Paleolithic Age
  • Modern Indigenous Cultures – What Can / Can’t They Tell Us About Paleolithic Cultures
  • The Physics of Spear Throwing (in several parts)
  • Scales of Time (geologic time, astronomical time, etc…)
  • Paleolithic Fiction
  • Human Patterns of Subsistence
  • Speculations on the Origins of Fire and Cooking

…and of course, updates on my progress with the tasks.

Thank you for reading!

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