I’m going to grok your world.

Posted on October 26, 2009


Don’t worry.  There are more terrible puns where that came from.

The Grok Project begins in just one week!  I want to post a quick reminder and let you know about a few things…

  1. There are two ways that you can let other people know about the Grok Project on Facebook.  You can use the “Share” button on the “Debut of the Grok Project” event, or you can use the “Invite people to come” link to invite specific friends.
  2. You can friend The Grok Project on LiveJournal, if you have an LJ account.  Just use this link: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/grokproject/ …and click on the “Add” link.
  3. The Grok Project’s Cafepress store is empty right now.  I will let you know when there are items available for purchase there.  The items will not be marked up from Cafepress’ prices (i.e. I make no profit on them).  The store is meant to help promote the project, but not to support it monetarily.
  4. If at any time you do want to help support the Grok Project monetarily, you can use the “Donate via Paypal” link on the right side of the website.  Your contribution would be greatly appreciated, as many of the tasks in the project will be costly.

Thank you for reading!

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